Brownie Buttons (TWD)

Tuesday, August 11

Brownies, brownies, everywhere but not a drop to drink. Yay! My major in English lit. has been put to some use. Seriously though, it is a bad situation when you don't have any milk around and you have 2 varieties of brownies at your disposal. My first recipe as a Tuesdays with Dori member and I am so happy/excited/hyper about my new cookbook! Baking: From My Home to Yours is carried around with me as much as my cell phone ( except much bulkier and delightfully heavy ). I love it and I'm literally eating it up with my hungry eyes!
This weeks recipe was chosen by Jayma of the lovely Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen blog. Hop over for the recipe!

Even though this recipe fell flat. I would like to try it again because the few bits that I scraped together were wonderful! I made mine with Kahlua instead of vanilla and I substituted lemon zest for orange. Since making these cupcakes in July, I have been waiting for an excuse to make the buttercream frosting again using raspberries instead of strawberries. It went perfectly with the rich brownies. And when a recipe calls for a 'mini' muffin pan, they really mean Mini. I thought I had a relatively small muffin pan but it must be considered more of a medium? Damn vanity sizing has seeped into my 'happy place' baking world. These brownies were adorable and perfect for noshing on late at night when you can't sleep and you can't seem to tear yourself away from The Deadliest Catch.
Good things do come in small sizes! *cough, cough *. A brownie need not be statuesque and buxom in order to be pleasing to the senses. Again..I have something in my throat. These were perfect even though they were tiny and flat. Here comes that cough! :) What? Food teaches yet another life lesson. Pay attention young grasshoppers.


  1. These look so good! I really wan to make them now. Great job!!!

  2. I adore your frosting and garnish touch to the buttons!!!! So good! I love these!

  3. You are too funny. I love the frosting!!

  4. Hi

    Thanks for your comment

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  5. They look so adorable!
    Love your strawberries buttercream frosting.
    Great job!
    Welcome to the TWD!

  6. Thank you Sylwia, You may have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen.:)

    Thanks Jennifer and Katy. I think more of the frosting was consumed without the brownie...

    Niya, Thank you for the help! :)

    Isa, I wish I had joined a long time ago! Thanks for the welcome. :)

  7. I love brownies and muffins made in mini muffin pans. Such a nice little bite. Your frosting looks so inviting.

  8. So pretty! Love the pink and brown.

    I saw another commenter advise you about petit chef. They contacted me too, but I'm leery of those things - and too busy to check them out.

    Do you think it's worth it?

  9. Thank you Judy. :)

    Hi Laurie. Thanks!
    Petit chef is a great ( and safe ) site. They have wonderful 'daily menus' and you can add your own recipes. I just needed help finding out how to add my blog. I hope this helps. :)


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