Chocolate Soufflé (TWD)

Tuesday, September 8

Susan, of the blog She's Becoming Doughmesstic, chose this week's Tuesdays With Dorie recipe! Check out her blog for some mouthwatering savory and sweet eye candy.
I am ashamed to admit that I am half French and this was my first time baking a soufflé. But I am happy to say that it won't be my last! I really enjoyed making this. Soufflés have an unnecessary reputation for being difficult and intimidating. However, this recipe proved that they are both kind and forgiving.
I say forgiving because it was not too upset with my poor math skills. I quartered the recipe to fit two 8oz ramekins. My head is not geared or programmed for numbers and it takes me a ridiculously long time to even cut some recipes in half. Ask me to cite a line from any Shakespearean play and I'll recall it word for word, Ask me what 1/4 of 1/3 is and you will have to give me a minute or two. But thanks to some great advice from the other Tuesdays With Dorie bakers and to my trusty calculator, I was able to pull off this complex feat of dividing something in half and yet again into another half...or something like that.
The picture taking actually caused the most stress! Once the soufflé was removed from the oven, I knew I only had a matter of minutes to snap a few shots before the cave in. Of course, despite the fact that I had everything set up, it felt like an exercise at a bakers boot camp.

My kitchen is as dark as a dungeon thanks to a poor, lone northern light window. As luck would have it, the day was overcast and on the verge of raining. I had my little photo props set up in the best lit room ( which was not very bright either ). But in order to get to said room I had to run several feet holding a baking sheet with an overused Ove Glove and two cats who conveniently happened to be napping in the line of fire. With a mix of recalled soccer and ballet skills I managed to weave in and out of the felines ( which was not too easy considering the fact that one is an overfed 24lb Maine Coon. ) I even manged to side step some potentially trip inducing toy mice. All the while my hand was starting to feel the burn from the hot sheet. I would love to see this sprint in slow motion.

I finally made it to my camera and had about one minute to shoot some shaky pictures in very poor lighting conditions. But I am so happy to have Finally baked a soufflé. It was everything I had imagined it to be. Light and with a fluffiness which almost melts in your mouth. The sugar coating around the ramekin gives the outer layer a wonderful crunch right before you taste the rich chocolate. This is best made with a good quality dark chocolate ( I used a Lindt chocolate orange bar ). And it should be served immediately, Unless you have to photograph your creations. :)

For the recipe, please visit Susan's blog. And see how all the other TWD bakers survived the photo dash!


  1. Je crois bien que c'est la première fois que je visite ton blog, alors... même si je suis très en retard: Bienvenue dans les TWD!!!

    Bravo pour ce superbe soufflé, j'aurai bien aimé obtenir comme toi, des rebords relevés!!! Superbe réussite!

  2. Bonjour Vibi. Merci beaucoup pour votre très gentil commentaire et pour votre visite sur mon blog!

    Pardon moi si je n'écris très bien en français, J'ai beaucoup oublie pendant les annees que j'habite aux États-Unis. J'espère vous visiter encore et vous serez toujours les bienvenus. :)

  3. Ciao ! Your run must have been very funny ! I chose a bad lightning ....
    I'd love to see you cat I love Maine Coons !! Baci (Your soufflè is beautiful !!)

  4. Hi Natalia! I'll put up a picture of Niles again soon. He would love the publicity. :)

  5. Lovely souffle! What an ordeal you had to go through to get a photograph! I was rather frazzled trying to get mine shot, too. No cats to deal with, just two small boys and their millions of toys... I loved this recipe, too - fun to make and eat!

  6. My goodness--you worked hard for those shots. Good job!

  7. Chocolate souffle was my wedding dessert....thanks for the memories!! :-) I really must make this. Souffles make me nervous. Yours turned out beautifully! (and tasty too)

  8. Wow, Valerina tes photos sont très réussies considérant que la seule chose que notre soufflé voulait s’est de s’effondrer! Tout comme Natalia, j’aimerais beaucoup voir ton Main Coon, car j’adore les chats:)) J’ai un Ragdoll qui pèse 26 livres!

    Great job on this challenge!

  9. Hi Sarah! It really was fun to make, Especially while it was baking. Watching it rise slowly above the ramkekin was magical...and a bit scarey. :>

    Thank you Romaine! My kingdom for a tripod. :p

    Hannah, What a lovely idea to have soufflé as a wedding dessert! I can see why though, It is much more delicate and graceful compared to cake. Don't be nervouse, this recipe was not at all difficult. :)

    Bonjour Isa! Merci. J'ai vu les chats sur votre blog. J'aime bien l'expression des chats Ragdoll, C'est très mignon!
    Mon chat Maine-coon, Il s'appelle Niles, est trop paresseux. :> J'ai post une photo tout à l'heure.

  10. I applaud your sprinting ability. As for that souffle.... well, I might have to pick up a couple of ramekins after all!

  11. I'm confessing here, I've never made a souffle. Now you've inspired me to try.

  12. I'm glad you finally got the chance to make a souffle! And it looks like it puffed perfectly

  13. Thank you Bill. The ramekins were used at the eleventh hour, After realizing that my soufflé dish was too big. :p

    Hi Judy! This is the perfect recipe for a firt stab at soufflés.

    Thanks Spike. The ramekin that was filled to the brim puffed up much higher than her 3/4 full counterpart. But they tasted the same! :>

  14. Great height on that souffle. Came out perfectly.

    1/4 x 1/3 = 1/12th right???!!!

  15. Thank you! Yes, 1/12th! Thanks to Google I discovered that that is 5 tablespoons. I'm neurotic and I did measure that out so it could be as precise as possible. :|

  16. Valerina, your first Soufflé looks extremely delicious!! I've never made souffle but when I've seen your souffle maybe I'm going to make it soon!!


  17. Your first souffle??? Are you kidding me?? It looks soo perfect! It has risen so evenly!! The baking gods are definately smiling on you :)

  18. Thank you evanescencia. :) This is the perfect recipe for those of us who are new to the magic of soufflés.

    Avanika, I hope so.:) I was glued to the oven the entire time watching for the sacred rise!


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