Cottage Cheese Pufflets (TWD)

Tuesday, September 22

These were the most buttery, delicate and decadent desserts that I have made from scratch. Unfortunately ( or fortunately, on the loss of mass calorie consumption), I only made four. Three of those took on an odd shape and looked more like egg rolls.
As luck would have it, the day I made them happened to be one of the most humid days so far during an unusually cool summer. This is not a dessert to make on an even mildy warm day. In fact they would most likely turn out perfectly during the height of Winter with a few open windows. I really, really dislike 'failing' at a recipe. The perfectionist in me becomes furiously frustrated and begins to sulk after a few hours despite a delicious outcome. I am determined to try this again on a day when it's not so hot that I can't pick up my cat without developing a fur sweater on my arms after putting him down. What made this so difficult was the sticky cottage cheese dough. Yes, For those of you who love cottage cheese it was as wonderful as it sounds. The dough needs to be refrigerated for at least 3 hours. I made mine the night before rolling it and I still had a hard time. You literally have to chill it over and over because as soon as it comes to room temperature it is virtually impossible to work with. I was running short on daylight and I knew I would have to hurry if I wanted to take some half-way decent pictures. I would recommend freezing the dough after it has been rolled out for at least 2 hours. I only had mine in for an hour and it became too sticky after the third circle was cut. I had to scrape the shapes off the wax paper with a skinny spatula. The rest of the dough was a messy, gooey paste that stuck helplessly to my cookie cutters.
Out of spite, I took out my anger on the left over dough and roughed it up a bit by squeezing it into a ball and mashing it up like an edible stress ball. Not one of my most mature moments, But I didn't want to waste anything. And I did feel a little bit better, Until I had to turn on the faucet. :p The 4 pufflets were different shapes and sizes yet equally exquisite. The recipe calls for placing a drop of jam into the center, I used small dark chocolate chips instead. If only I had been able to make more. These were the closest I have come to creating petit pain au chocolat. When the dough has been baked it becomes delicate and buttery and unbelievably rich. It was perfect with it's melted chocolate heart. It was so good that I almost forgot about my fight with the dough...then I realized that there were no more pufflets left. :)

This recipe was chosen by Jacque of the fabulous Daisy Lane Cakes blog. You can find the recipe there along with some other gorgeous food. Please check out the other Tuesdays with Dorie bakers to see how they tackled the devious dough!


  1. You made me laugh with your description of "dough frustrations." I agree--it was a challenge. But they tasted great like you said. Really like your first picture.

    Is that your kitchen in the header? It is GORGEOUS!

  2. I made a similar recipe years ago. It was absolutely delicious, but the next day it didn't taste so great.

  3. Ciao ! I love your pufflets ! they were good !!

  4. Wow cottage cheese is really common here! But not so much is sweet desserts!! I think I need to try this. Is the dough similar to the one for the turnovers?

  5. I had the same frustrations with my pufflets! Yours look great though and I bet they tasted wonderful!!

  6. Hi Romaine! That is what I wish my kitchen would look like. Someday...:)

    Judy, Do you remember if the dough was difficult to roll? I would love to try a recipe that yields similar results. :>

    Thanks Natalia!

    Avanika, The dough for these pufflets was much more 'wet' than the one used for the turnovers. The cottage cheese made it extra sticky but also added to the rich flavour. I was supposed to have used a square cookie cutter or cut square shapes out of the rolled dough but all I have are circles. I didn't have time to cut neat shapes because the dough was practically melting with each passing minute. If you have a lot of time, I would recommend trying this recipe. You really need to keep chilling or freezing the dough after every little step. I only made half the recipe and I think that would be a good idea for anyone until they have a feel for the the attitude of the dough. :)

    Hi Lauryn, Thanks. It is a relief to hear that a lot of bakers had problems with this recipe. :p

  7. Your pufflets look so delicate and delicious! I still have my dough in the refrigerator and am a bit reluctant to roll it out after hearing about all of the frustrations everyone has been having. But I'm encouraged that you think the taste of it was worth it! =)

  8. I, too, had a terrible time with this dough. But, they tasted divine. I did mine with blackberry jam and Nutella with a scattering of toasted chopped hazelnuts. The combination was delicious.

  9. Very funny post!
    Your pufflets look perfect!
    I had a hard time with the dough too, but they tasted so delicious.
    Great job Valerina!

  10. These were a tough cookie to love, thanks to that sticky dough. Sorry they were a pain. I'm glad you ended up liking them, though.

    Thanks for baking along this week :)

  11. I am just like you! I hate failing a recipe. But I did fail because of a 100F weather and very high humidity! Tried puff pastry for the second time and despite the heat it was still successful!

  12. Lasinthekitchen, The end result is worth the frustration. Just be sure to keep popping the dough in the refrigerator ever few minutes, Or seconds.:)

    Hi Susan, Great idea to use Nutella and blackberry jam!

    Bonjour Isa, Merci. Je suis contente de mon r├ęsultat.

    Jacque, No need to apoligize. I would have not even noticed this recipe if you didn't chose it. And it has serious potential! :>

    Congratulations Purple Foodie! It's very encouraging to know that this recipe can work out on the second attempt despite the temperature. I think it would be easier when there is no deadline involved.

  13. I'm so glad yours came out, as you know mine were a disater. I bet they were delicious.


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