Lemon Sablés (TWD)

Tuesday, December 8

It feels good to be back into the swing things when it comes to Tuesdays with Dorie. My posts were few and far between last month due to computer issues and lack of money. There were some gorgeous looking and expensive (as far as ingredients) desserts which I hated to miss but plan on trying as soon as the season is over and I can actually save some extra money for supplies. This baking obsession can really eat away your spending cash. I know I should just bite the bullet and join a bulk supply store chain, I just feel out of my comfort zone amid their warehouse style decor. If I can't see windows while I am shopping I tend to panic and some people can be quite scary looking. But that's just me. I like my creature comforts, wooden floored grocery stores, open-air farmers markets, and people who don't stare for no apparent reason. :)

Barbara, of Bungalow Barbara , chose this weeks recipe and she made a lovely decision! These cookies combine two of some of my favourite ingredients, large quantities of butter and lemon. The recipe is just a basic shortbread so from there you can take it in any direction that pleases you. Dorie offers a spicy version with cinnamon and ginger, one with pecans, and even a savory Parmesan cheese sablé recipe! As a cheese lover I cannot wait to try that version. But I can't pass on any opportunity to use lemons in recipes. For my cookies I added the zest of 2 large lemons (you may only use 1 if you wish), and I used natural, large grain sugar for their sweet circled crust.

These buttery, crisp cookies dissolve lusciously in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. Their grainy, sand-like texture makes it impossible to stop at just one. And if you do decide to add the lemon zest your cookies will take on a brilliant, bright citrusy aftertaste which permeates delightfully through your nose as you savor each morsel. You can find the recipe on Barbara's lovely blog. And please visit the other TWD bakers so you can some other variations.


  1. Thanks for baking along with me this week! Your lemon sablés look lovely. Glad you liked them!

  2. I agree they do melt in your mouth and they are easy to make! I hear you on the spending cash to bake with TWD.Some of those recipes cost a mint! I think you just have to choose a few and go for it!
    Your cookies look good and I wanted to make the lemon version, but didn't have any lemons.

  3. Now I totally want to make the lemon ones, ASAP!

  4. Your cookies not only look delicious, they sound delicious. I thought about doing lemon, but, alas, had none in the house. I just made them plain and they were delicious that way too!

  5. Those sables are absolutely beautiful!

  6. Your sables look beautiful! I definitely want to try these out with lemon! I love these!

  7. The lemon sounds really good.

    And I agree that last month was expensive. I tried not to think about it. :-)

  8. Glad you're back to baking...lovely.

  9. Your lemon sablés sounds divine!


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