Lemon Buttermilk Cookies


I can't drink buttermilk from the carton. There was an 'incident' that took place when I was little. I think we have all experienced situations where we go to eat or drink something expecting a certain flavour but the actual taste is the complete opposite of what our brains had predicted.

Peanut Butter Blondies


Two things I know I won't ever get sick of. The song 'Africa' by Toto. And anything that combines peanut butter and chocolate. After Fridays' peanut butter pandemonium, I still had half a jar left.

Nutella Peanut Butter Pillows


Fridays' theme was Peanut Butter. What a delicious day it turned out to be! Nutella is almost as dangerous for me to be around as a jar of peanut butter so I decided to combine these 2 vices into one nut-filled powerhouse of flavour. These cookies turned out to be Amazing!

Mango Peach Shortbread Bars


Grated, not pressed.
What is interesting with this recipe is the freezing and shaving of the shortbread.

Thomas Keller Chocolate Chip Cookies


So many chocolate chip cookie recipes and we're here on Earth for such a short time. My brain was spinning like a KitchenAid mixer while I was looking through the online recipes.

Chocolate Espresso Cookie Bites


Marvelous things sometimes come in diminutive sizes. These cookies are so charming and tiny, It's tempting to eat several at a time. They are scrumptious!

Cherry Almond Coffee Cake


There is nothing more satisfying to a baker than a well stocked pantry. My fickle fruit obsession has moved from blueberries to cherries.

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