Tuesdays with Dorie: Ginger Crumb Cake


This week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was chosen by Jill, of Jill's blog. Thank you Jill, for choosing something which I may not have wanted to try myself, but which proved to be a nice surprise. The original recipe is actually called Cardamom crumb cake, but the only cardamom I had was old...very old. I realized this as I tried to break the primordial force that was sealing the jar shut. Never one to back down from a challenge, I finally removed the lid only to discover clumps of pasty powder.
So I used ginger instead. I also replaced the orange zest with clementine and subbed orange juice for coffee. The result was a moist, tight-crumb cake with a hint of spice and soft citrus undertones. This makes the perfect little late night snack or mid-morning treat (right after a run in 30F, windy conditions.) You can find the recipe by visiting Jill's blog.


Beth said...

This looks like a lovely cake, and the ginger is actually more tempting than the cardamom.
You'd be a better Bering Sea cook than me. I used to be able to open any jar, but I seem to have lost my strength somewhere along the way!

Stella said...

Hey Valerie! I love cakes like this-they are always better than one expects. Plus, everyone is usually so happy when a fragrant spice cake is pulled out of the oven. It's a tea time thing;-)
Hope my favorite sea witch is doing okay today. Oh, and I meant to tell you that your new header is really nice. I kind of feel like I told you that already but kind of like I dreamed telling you that (smile)...hmm...

Mary said...

That looks fabulous! I love ginger, and with orange is a great combination. Did you use fresh or dried? No matter, I would run for this! I spent the morning shoveling and sliding with a 2.5 year old--fun.

jillbert said...

Your ginger version sounds wonderful! Thank you for baking with me this week!

A Canadian Foodie said...

The photo and title says it all. You have a wonderful talent of being able to simplify with one photo... yet the result is a complex taste memory that is now compelled to buy this book!
And may your holiday be filled with warmth and love and happiness.

Caroline said...

This cake looks fantastic! I love the substitutions you made, and I can't help thinking how cute a cake with clementines is! Beautiful!

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Cardomom is very abundant here, I could have sent some to you!! The cake sure looks gorgeous though, the new flavors sound wonderful!


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