Mini Pièce Montée (Daring Bakers Challenge)

Thursday, May 27

By the burning of my thumbs, Something saucy this way comes.

Pièce montée means 'mounted piece.' A croquembouche is an assemblage of pastry cream filled puffs held together with caramel or chocolate sauce.

Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate Ice Cream Tart

Tuesday, May 25

Hi. First of all, Lost. I'm not sure what to think. The ending was amazing but upsetting all at the same time. I'm still confused about some things but maybe it wouldn't be Lost if it didn't leave a few loose ends, even in the finale.

World Peace Cookies (revisited)

Friday, May 21

Normally I don't like to make something more than once. Baking is like an adventure and I like to keep myself moving along the terrain, not dwelling too long on any one thing, and certainly not backtracking.

Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream

Wednesday, May 12

Are you tired of seeing these tiny tea cups in so many of my posts yet!? I hope not. They are perfect vessels for ice cream snaps. The only other alternatives to these little cups are large cereal bowls or various wine glasses. The former is bad because I have to eat subject after the photo shoot...because it melts, And summer is about to pounce on me like an angry, the-vacuum-cleaner-just-moved, cat-like force.

Tuesdays with Dorie: Quick Classic Berry Tart

Tuesday, May 11

Did anyone else go through a Strawberry Shortcake doll phase as a child? No? What about My Little Pony? I used to force the dolls to ride the poor, pastel coloured equines. They also had tea parties with Transformers (I was a girly tomboy.)

Mad Hatter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Friday, May 7

What originally started out as a recipe for Alice Medrich's chocolate chunk cookies quickly began morph into a smorgasbord of past chocolate chip cookie posts.

Raspberry Pâtes de Fruits

Tuesday, May 4

"The red ones are mine."
Please don't let the name fool you. These tart little wedges are every bit as light hearted and satisfying as their bagged-up, store bought cousins.

Tuesdays with Dorie: Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

Look out bikini, Your wearer has discovered a way to make ice cream without an actual ice cream maker. And I thought that this would be one vice I'd never have to worry about falling for.

Key Lime Sablés

Sunday, May 2

My Cinco de Mayo may be spent serving on jury duty this year so I wanted to post about something light, tart, and sunny...just in case. I even have the Tuesdays with Dorie post all set to pop up at the stroke of midnight Tuesday morning.

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