Tuesdays with Dorie: Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cake

June 22, 2010

Does anyone know what NVIDIA graphic drivers are? I didn't. But apparently when they stop working, your computer will crash in the middle of a beautiful, sunny day while you are uploading all your camera's food photos. Good times. I also learned that working in 'safe mode' is creepy. Everything is lopsided, and out of focus, and the screen takes on an eerie sepia tone. It feels like you've stepped through Alice's Looking Glass, or if you're like me, the way the world looks when you're not wearing your contacts. Thy sweater is not thine cat.

I don't know if my computer is ok or not. I'm writing this on Saturday, just in case it decides to die. But I really hope that it won't! *Update: It has.* I've received so much support from people regarding my last blog post. Thank you, everyone! It really helps to know that people are pulling for me to chase after a crazy dream. I just hope my computer doesn't fail just before the big finale. *It did.*

This week's fancy, fabulous Tuesdays with Dorie cake was chosen by Amy Ruth. Thanks, Amy! My first attempt at this recipe didn't turn out very well. Oven 1: Valerie 0. I didn't have a long enough loaf pan and the cake was baking over the edges like a washing machine with too much detergent. I neatly cut away the dead areas of the cake but it couldn't be saved, the middle was undercooked. Mary, of Mary Mary Culinary, suggested using a cake pan. Thank you, Mary! I went with an 8x8 inch square pan instead (just because the edges were higher.)

The cake itself is seductive, thanks to sour cream and a lot of chocolate. The middle is coated with a sumptuous layer of warmed raspberry jam that the cake soaks up like a hungry sponge. The best part of the show is the irresistible chocolate and sour cream frosting. Luckily I made too much and had to clean out the bowl with a spatula. :) Just as Dorie says in the book, this dessert looks and tastes much more complicated than it actually is. For the recipe, please visit Amy's blog, Amy Ruth Bakes.


  1. This chocolate loaf and the black and white brownies are GORGEOUS!!

  2. Safe mode scares the daylights out of me, but sometimes you have to do it!
    Hope things are improving on all fronts.

    This is a super cake, by the way; sour cream always makes cakes so moist. Sorry you had to make it twice to get it right, but it was worth it!

  3. I'm so glad your post worked, Valerie! And I hope your computer gets in shipshape soon. :-) This cake is fabulous!! I was craving a sour cream frosting yesterday, and now I don't have to go searching for one. Thank you! :-)

  4. Poor you! First the cake, and then the computer. At least the cake could be rebaked! I think I'll make this in a square pan next time too--yours looks yummy!

  5. That cake looks so irresistible! A marvelous treat!



  6. Well, she's not working yet (good thing I wrote this post ahead of time.) Right now I'm computer surfing around various homes and libraries. :)
    Might be another 2-5 days though.

  7. I've driven around with laptop atop lap before. hehe
    Hope you get rolling soon. Amazing how much we take for granted until we loose it. I'm so thrilled the cake worked out for you on the second try and glad to know other pans worked for you. Thanks for baking along with me amidst the difficulties.
    AmyRuth ~ Looks delicious!

  8. Oh no!! So sorry about your computer. Comps are definitely scary. I hope you were able to enjoy some of this awesome looking cake through all your tech troubles. It looks so decadent and chocolatey. Perfect for a chocoholic like me. How are your Dutch Harbor plans going, btw?

  9. Msmeanie, I have a lot of information to look and think over, but with a little bit of luck, I may be able to figure something out (I don't want to put a hex on things by being too optimistic.) So please let me add: the fact that I don't have my computer is slowing down the process...this cake did relieve some of the stress though. :D

  10. You managed to make the most beautiful cake through the stress and strain and fussy computer. That makes a home run.

    I wish I could get my food to look like yours. You are talented.

  11. Valerie, you are way over my head with computer terminology, but I hope everything works out ok for you. As far as the cake, it's unbelievable. I could eat the screen.

  12. Your cake looks gorgeous. Computers do have a life of their own! I hope that you get up and going again soon.

  13. How did this post get past me?
    This cake looks so old fashioned and delicious, Valerie. I remember eating a big piece of something like this with my sister when we were little, and we hated that we had to share (smile)...

  14. This cake looks delicious. Hope your computer problems are over! It's the worst, I literally feel handicapped without my lappy!

  15. Your chocolate cake looks beautiful! Loved this cake x

  16. where's the recipe?

  17. Hi, Anon.
    The link to the recipe is located in the post, just click on Amy Ruth Bakes. :)


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